Houdini's BooKit - Creative Procedural Library

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Houdini's BooKit - Creative Procedural Library

Nam Phuong
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Modeling & placing manually every single book to create diverse bookshelves can be painful & unproductive. The BooKit HDA package aims to help with this :)

Intro Video

80.lv Article

This HDA package allows you to generate books seamlessly, elegantly & easily.

Main Features

  • Real-time & instant feedback from the generator's engine.
  • Artist-friendly controls with documented Help on each parameter.
  • Generate contents with any shape, patterns, 3D objects (with proper guide).
  • Procedural Placement for 3D assets (with item_importer.hda).
  • Automatic Texture Assignment.

Files included

  • quickPattern.1.4.hda (open)
  • item_importer.1.11.hda (open)
  • bookitmaterial.1.1.hda (open)
  • copytoshelf.1.16_LOCK.hda (blackboxed)
  • ReadMe.txt: installation guide
  • BooKit_HIP_demo_scene: Demo Scene project file of 10 different generated shelves in the teaser using this HDA package(not including the items).


  • Houdini Beginner Knowledge
  • Houdini 19+


  • Tutorial: this quick tutorial will guide you through the HDA's concept and the process of building creative bookshelves.
  • During the installation & usage process, feel free to reach me at my contact on arstation if you have any trouble/questions.
I want this!


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